Running Windows XP and have the latest version of Media Player. I have a Sony mini dvd player. I can play the dvd on my computer in media player but can't save it. I want to save it to post a part on a website. I tried my computer, right click on the dvd and copy to desktop. It did that but it saved it as a file type that won't work. Tried changing the file and that won't work.

How can I save it from the Media Player? When I click File, the Save As isn't available to use.


..you have just come up against commercial dvd file protection systems. pretty much the author of that dvd does not wish you to rip it. so you need a decryptor software, possibly a file compressor, and a burner software. Plenty of each out there, some are for free too, and besides there are free softwares which will do the whole job for you Idea is that you put an image of the dvd onto your HD [the decryptor does its job at the beginning of this process, and a good one just works in the background, you don even need to start it..], it's compresssed as it's wriiten; then you just burn the image. - nero is. Not sure i should give you a list of softwares.. may break a rule or something... dunno. Go search.

But it's just a mini dvd that I recorded on my camcorder, it's not a movie or anything. I just wanted to show something my child was doing to relatives. I don't understand all this!