My mum recently purchased a new Dell with Windows 7 on it.

I have been getting it up to her standards by installing some internet security, CCleaner, iTunes, ya know, stuff like that just getting it to what her old one was like.

However, I have been getting this error message when trying to uninstall or install some programs that mentions the computer not being able to find some kind of "%APPDATA\%" folder or something of that nature (the percentage symbols and backslashes are there but I'm not sure if that was the exact placement of them).

If there is any suggestions out there, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks a ton!


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Perhaps,You're OS is error.
I suggest you reinstall your OS.

see if you can locate the folder manually..

i'm not sure if this will at all help, but its an idea ..
check to make sure you have admin rights, maybe you are getting permission denied messages in the background, causing this error to show. i do not know if this is accurate however.

good luck

If you get this error message when you try to install or uninstall a program ,That not really a serious problem.
You can deal with it easy in few steps, but we need more info about the program you try to install /uninstall and the exact error message.

The folder you see in the message is located under c:\users\user name\Appdata.

There is a case that you receive this error message cause Windows 7 by default don't let you install a program or change the contents of this folder unless you run it as administrator.

The folder is hidden and read only usually, it can't be missing, and you can see that if you follow bellow steps:

1) Open Windows Explorer
2) In Windows Explorer go to Computer\"driveletter"\users\"username"

3) With "username" highlighted, click "Organize" (top left of Windows Explorer window) and then select "Folder and Search Options"

4) Check the "Show All Folders" box in the General tab

5) Go to the "View" tab

6) Click to check the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" box

Now you can see %APPDATA% folder on windows explorer.

To eliminate this error try to log-in as Administrator and right click on any instalation file and choose "run as administrator"

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