Hi all! On my XP machine most of my USB drives do not show up on the My Computer list of drives. I know it can be seen because it shows up on the 'safely remove drive' list and I can get to it via msdos (ewwww). I fixed this once somewhere in device management but can't remember where that was and I don't know why they keep disappearing (can't even see my mp3 players which really hurts - 2 weeks ago I loved German industrial rock - now, not so much. Oddly, my games USB is seen just fine, thankfully.

BTW, I just got Crysis -- this game is soooo awesome - you can cut down trees with the machine guns, shoot leaves that are blocking your view - the whole environment is alterable. Combine this with another round of 12 hour days (someone screwed up 4 years of H-1b files - it is real ugly -- if you think passport photoes are bad try looking at photocopies of them

Thanks, I cleaned that up but it did not help. Another, unrelated problem has popped up that is quite a bit worse - I will return after I clear this other thing up. I am going to post in the HijackThis area

thanks again for the suggestion

Did you try disk management? Right click "My Computer" and choose manage. On the left side of Computer Management, click Disk Management and see if your USB drive is listed without a drive letter. If it is, right click there, choose Add and add a drive letter. See if this helps.