i wanted to create the imaage of my computer and wanted to install the same operating system on the different computers and want that applications can also be installed. i wanted to do this for windows Xp home. so can any one guide me how to do that and what asoftware to use and what are the various steps used to make clone of the system.
come whith ur thaughts

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I'm not sure of the exact steps, but I can recommend Symantec Ghost for the purpose. You just need to install Windows, all drivers and install all apps on a source machine and then 'clone' the hard drive. Then, you can just install this image onto every computer you want to. This method is significantly quicker than a standard Windows install.

thanks for the advice.
but i m unable to do that for ntfs.
and so can u tell me u r talking about which version of ghost.

is there any tool with which i can go for network coloning.
like we i wanted to make clone of computer .but that oter system in in network can i do that one to.

i have installed ghost on my computer. and having one issue
i want to creat bootable cd that can boot my computer and can recover my computer system. so can u help me out how it can be done like i m unable to boot my system with the image cd and boot floppy created by ghost 2003 so can u help me out so that i can make bootable cd with image on it.

Ammikond iramma ninu, yeno o.s madi dabak bidtanante, modlu ero operating system na saryag upiyoguskolad kali mundede,

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