Every 2 hours my server will power down. I just recently installed the 2003 OS. I only used the first disc for the installation. There are no scheduled tasks and the power management settings are fine. Its not a heat issue because it will reboot immediately afterward. I would think this is a software issue, however I am not sure where to start.:(

what software runs on the machine.

after it shuts down, look at the event logs. under application and system. find the error listed and post it here

Could it be a licensing issue? I seem to remember SBS shuts itself down if it detects another sbs server on the same network etc

This is definitely an SBS issue. I m 100% sure. If you are using it as a DOMAIN CONTROLLER you have to avoid that. You have to demote and use it as a member server.Or reinstalling it and stopping when you are asked to install DC.
Seems you haven't installed your license properly. If you use a legitimate OS with License, you have to install it properly. Get used to the available tools and you will be able to install cal packs.
However if you have installed Database features or ERP then those will cause problems.
Its better if you have an Enterprise version as a DC since it is the most flexible and feature rich.
If its not legit:
You have to kill the task sbscrexe.exe from hour to hour. That will stop other functions as well.
However have a solution for that. A Registry hack. Inbox me. Last time when I posted that in a public forum I had to face problems :D

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