We got a virus on our server this pass few days. We cought the following executables:


To name a few. We terminated the process of these executables and cleaned their entries from the registry. However, today our servers fell victim to another one: Systems32.exe. We are able to connect to the server however we were unable to open any windows. We re-started the server and then we were able to work on it on safe mode. Even though we eliminated the executable from our system for some reason some our users are unable to connect the shared drives on the server. Any idea of what else could it be? Maybe we are missing an entry or perhaps there is an application besides Norton Antivirus we should use? Thanks in advance for the help.


I have Symmantec corporate 8 on my servers and clients at work ... it usually detects viruses ...

You can scan your system online so that your system becomes completely clean ..

Our Antivirus finds it and cleans it but we still having problem in the sense that the users are unable to connect to the network shared drives. They are able to browse the internet and check their e-mails though. So I think that there must something halting the connection between the users and the server.