Hi all,

For the last couple of weeks my comp has been acting weird with my call waiting. It was fine and had no probs till then. Out of nowhere my comp would disconnect or web pages started lagging real bad or not be displayed. My first thought was its a line problem but i noticed that if i unhooked the phone line from my comp that the probs would stop. I figured maybe it was the modem since we have had storms here quite frequently maybe lightning fried it again (happened last year) So i went and bought a new modem and everything seemed to be ok but the probs started again after i installed it. I'm am totally lost now as to what may be causing this and i know its something in my comp thats causing it. with dialup if your connected and pick up the reciever you can normally hear the modem as its connected to the server but when mine is acting up, it will still be connected and ill hear the beep beep beep noise as if the phone is off the hook. And when someone calls in they say its busy which never happens since i have voice mail. So something inside my comp is causing the call waiting line not to work properly and I have no idea if its something program related or internal hardware related doing this. I was told by diff people there are a few possibilities like a hidden program trying to dial out on the call waiting line or my mother board may be going bad although it still works fine. BTW i did change my modem to a diff pci slot to see if that would help but didnt. If i pick up the phone and listen as i hook the line into my comp, a slight clicking starts and it pulses.
All the phone wires have been changed and even tried on diff wall jacks and still get the same prob. So if anyone has any ideas that would help, I would be most greatful for some advice. Also im running XP

try using a different phone line with the modem. also, most modems have two jacks, make sure you are using the line in and not the line out to a desk phone.

last disable call waiting while dialing out by using the LASS code *70
Imput "*70, (999) 111-2222" into your dialer the comma is a hard pause [without the quotes and dial the number to connect to your ISP] also, call your ISP to complain about the lag. Their service sounds poor and overloaded. They may be reducing your bandwidth after a certain period of time to 'encourage' you to drop to make room for someone else. this is bad form.

clicking noises can also indicate a minor electrical short due to the presence of water in a primary feedline or junction box. This can also indicate tampering, main line damage, or poor installation of upgraded phone lines.

This is often difficult to get a phone company out check on because it is not a
"denial of service" issue its a "quality of service" issue

i tried several diff things but nothing worked..i ended up putting my old modem back in..problems not as bad with it,till i can get prob fixxed. Now I have more issues coming up. My processor is an AMD Athalon XP 1300mhz. Sometimes the computer will shutdown and restart for no reason and when it does..on the bios screen it will be lasted as an AMD Duron 1100mhz. I have no idea what this is about or if its anything real bad. I wanna get a new one anyway but untill then this is all i have to use,so I need to know whats wrong with it.
Thanks Vas

mine does that too.. usually when the cpu gets too hot..
the bois thinks its overclocked or somthing..

make sure the fans are running and are free of dust.
open the side of the case if you have to.