Hello IT specialists of Daniweb,

I have a computer at home and I want to limit the time for my siblings in accessing my computer. For example, From the time 8pm to 12am, they can't access my computer.

If I will create a new account for them, the problem won't solve because they can access it at anytime.

Is there a way for windows XP to done that? Or I have to install a software for it.

Thanks for helping,

If you are running XP Pro. you can use the net command to activate login restrictions.

From an administrator account:

1) Click the Start menu and choose Run.
2) type in cmd in the dialog that opens.
3) In the command window, type net user SiblingsAccount /time:M-F,00:00-20:00

This will limit the user SiblinsAcount to only be allowed to login during the hours listed (Midnight-8PM). You can have different times based on the day by using something like

net user SiblingsAccount /time:M-F,00:00-20:00;SA-SU,all
this will all login all day Saturday and Sunday and back to the Midnight-8PM on weekdays.

To remove all restrictions use the command net user SinlingsAccount /time:all

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your reply. It works and solved my problem. Hehehe. Godbless you bro..