Tried to uninstall through Add or remove and also
through Revo Uninstaller but it keeps coming back on
boot up and wants to reconnect.
Icon remains in task bar.

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before uninstall turn off system restore then uninstall.
If that does not work then do the same but instead of using control panel try to delete the directory in which the program is. It may not delete everything as it may be using a file at start up. Check the start up programs and delete any that refer to this awkward software and then continue to manually uninstall. You may then need a registry cleaner to remove any other left behind entries in the registry.
if all else fails go to command prompt in DOS and delete the directlry from there!

Thanks M.
Will work on that.

I had a similar issue and had to end up deleting the registry key as well, just need to be careful before doing this.
Edit: Had a bit of a look and it looks like quite a few people have same problem and its due to its uninstaller program.

Im not sure if I am allowed to post a link to the solution I found.
Here is what a chap called Nexicron suggested

"It turns out that their installer or uninstaller is broken. When u attempt the uninstall it asks for a .log file, of whch there IS, under the program files\speedbit video accelerator\directory, but it's extention is a .log, and for whatever reason the uninstaller is looking for a .ECG file (no idea, alternate log extention?) So rename the extention, re-run uninstaller, point to the new log file, it will then ask you to open the log file again, except this time it IS looking for the .log file, thusly make a copy of your install.ecg file and this time rename it back to .log, point the installer to this, walla it uninstalls the way it 'should', i had to then go and remove the 'speedbit video downloader' using its uninstaller in its own dir"

Many thanks for that.
It is proving quite difficult to remove, and beyond
my limited experience.
I would be terrified to go near the registry and I appreciate
your caution regarding same.

re the registry:
Do not be too afraid just be extremely careful Yes you can screw up the whole system but it is actually just a great big file that can be edited!
So N° 1: in the menus of regedit when you get there , there is an 'export' (save) the registry. Do an export (as well as a system restore before starting)
then using the 'find' command you can get it to go through the registry and find any word/s that apply to the program that you are wanting to remove.
When you are sure you have found a reference and are sure it applies to the program that you have bother with it then delete that whole key (as the line of text is called)
If it goes bannana shaped then close the reg editor, reopen and import the file that you saved and all will be as before!
If the banana is really squashed then use a system restore (all that does is restore the last working registry at the time is was created!)

A little knowledge of the registry can often help solve the type of problem that you have got.

Use the UNWISE.exe program in the application folder.
program files(x86)/SpeedBit Video Accelerator
This gets most of it. Then disable the service.
Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> System Configuration, then select Services tab. Scroll down to VideoAcceleratorService and uncheck the box.
DO NOT Delete the rest of the files in the folder. Some of the dll's have replaced some needed system files. removing these files may cause internet connectivity problems.

!this looks as though it is past its sell by date!

This is what Speedbit recommend:

If you have experienced difficulties to remove SpeedBit Video Accelerator, while we can not be certain without additional information what was the reason for the problem you have encountered while trying to uninstall SpeedBit Video Accelerator, we would like to recommend you to proceed with the following steps:

1) Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s latest setup file, available on

2) Execute SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s setup file

3) VERY IMPORTANT – REBOOT your PC after SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s installation to make sure that all SpeedBit Video Accelerator components (including the uninstall utility) are fully installed.

4) Use SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s uninstall utility to fully remove SpeedBit Video Accelerator – SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s uninstall utility may be accessed under the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ /’Programs and Features’ under the ‘Control Panel’ in your Windows ‘Start’ -> ‘Settings’.

Try it: :o)
1.Press WinKey+R to open Run command dialog,
2.Type msconfig.exe in it and press enter key,
3.Check Hide all microsoft services box,
4.Now navigate to Services tab and locate speedbit video accelerator service from the list of services and uncheck it,
5.Now navigate onto Startup tab and uncheck the same,
6.Now click on OK button restart your PC.
7.Now try uninstalling it or you can leave it as it is since it will not startover unless you wanted it to.


Thanks to all who took the trouble to reply.
Didn't realise that this was still active.
I did get rid of the problem - can't remember how, now -
and I apologise for not advising at the time.

Seems solved

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