Hi all,

I am using a HP laptop and have got windows xp OS installed. recently i have started facing some unsual problems at the start up. when i turn on my laptop it goes fine till the " windows is starting up ...." screen and then freezes and aftera long time it shows up a blue screen screen and reboots. sometimes i was able to get to the logon screen and the screen gets forzen thr as well. I tried booting with the safe mode but get stuck at the start up screen again. i even tried booting with the win xp cd to do a windows repair but it comes up with a blue screen saying: problem with win32k services try disabling the caching or shadowing and reboot.

i wonder how cud i possibly do this?

can anyone plz help me with this?

thank you very much,

Try re-installing windows instead of repairing.
also try setting the settings in the bios to default.

On the blue screen what does it says, does it say something like
dumping physical memory and just above it does it give you any

Did you install any hardware driver or software before you started
to face this problem?
Check your RAM one by one and see if they are not causing the problem

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It might be a hardware or a software problem.

Hardware :
1. Check the hdd/memory/graphic card with a bootable diagnostic software..
something like this :
directdownload : http://oca.microsoft.com/en/mtinst.exe

Software :
1. Did you changed the BIOS settings ?
- Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.
- Try to load the BIOS defaults.
- Try to update to the latest BIOS version.

2. Did you just installed a new software?
If the Windows repair doesn't work, you can better reinstall it.

Good luck !

We all assume you have at least
512mb ram, 40gb hdd, 64mb Video ram ....and
no disks are in the cd/dvd drive ...