How weird! I just took my PC to a technician today, and my comp shutdown after 30 mins of me using it! It's done it before so then I changed it to windows vista and it was fine. I prefer windows XP tho, but now that I have it again it started shutting down every 30 mins like before!!! Does anyone know what I can do?

Did the technician explain to you what he has done to your computer? More info is need.

There are perhaps two underlying reasons for shut down.
1. obvious but I expect you've checked ALL the deliberate hibernation, sleep, turn off hard disk etc
2. Some component is overheating. it can be as simple as the power supply full of dust, it can be the computer is not getting sufficient ventilation and I have had one where the processor cooling heat sink was full of dirt. Some components have an automatic temperature safeguard and switch off if too hot, then cool and work again for a while. Yours seems to be in this category.

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There's a setting in XP that will shut your system down to prevent further corruption. You need to use the repair utility while in DOS mode.