Hi, my Dell Laptop won't respond and I don't know why.

It worked fine this morning and then I left it on for about an hour and when I came back it was just unresponsive. Even CTRL, ALT, Delete didn't do anything, so I had to turn it off at the switch.

When I turned it back on it loaded fully and as soon as i tried to click on a program became unresponsive again.

I turned if off again and turned it on a while later and after loading a blue screen came on and said there was a problem and it needed to shut down, and turned itself off.

When I turned it back on it did a system scan to check the disk for errors and then loaded fully. It worked for a short time and I run a full systen scan using AVG, it then became unresponsive again. I dont want to keep turning it off by the switch because that damages your computer aswell but am unsure what to do any help?

AVG found no threats or viruses and I only had a new hardrive fitted 4/5 months ago so I wouldn't have thought it was a problem with that.

Thanks, Katie

It sounds like malware.

Read this thread

Then post your query here

You may have to go into safe mode.

Thank you, I'll post it in the other thread, thought this was the right one for it. Read the read me before posting but i can't do what it says and download anything to my computer because my computer becomes unresponsive before I can open any programs.