I am having trouble opening popular websites such as hotmail, ebay or facebook. I can open most other sites without issue. They time out and internet explorer says it can not display the web page. I am operating Windows 7.
I googled the problem and it looks like its quite a common thing to happen but there doesnt seem to be any clear fixes.
Can anyone help?

Thank you so much

Hi and welcome to the Daniweb forums :).


Try clearing all your cookies and see how it is then.

If still no luck, go to the viruses, spyware and other nasties, follow the directions inside the first thread and then start a thread there and paste your logs for someone to look over.

If your setup using a Static Address then Check the DNS Settings on your Network Adapter and make sure it's got the same address as your gateway. Also check within your internet Explorer Network Connection settings that only detect automatically is ticked. It's possible that your internet connection is being re routed

I agreed with crunchie. This problem happen to me before, your cookies is not enable, did you disable them if yes enable them, since all of the sites mention need the use of cookies.

i think you should install a new browser then try again to open the sites that u wants to open.

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