I am having problems with my hotmail today. It is very very frustrating. I did not have problems before ever. Today I am having major problems. I try to login, enter my username and password and then it is so stuck! I thought it was my internet connection speed so I upgraded to a higher speed and I hope that solves it. But otherwise I just hope it fixes itself. What is up with hotmail all of a sudden??? And that is my major e-mail address too!

You still have not tell us whether is your problem solve. Try going to facebook, and if the problem occur also, it has to do with your cookies problem.Go your browser preference and enable all cookies and see whether that solve it. And try to post your problem in a new thread next time. Good luck

This thread dates back to 2005. You need to start a new thread with your problem!

no, I do not need to start a new thread, get a life, if I needed to start a new thread, I would not have been able to post the one I did

And I wanted to say my problem solved itself because after a few hours hotmail itself logged in, it was simply misbehaving

You should have say so, that means something is wrong with your laptop. Try doing a scan first

I do not need to do anything my problem is solved. So rest in peace

What i said is that your problem is a weird one. A damn freaking weird one. The problem might still occur in the future and might have to do with malware or virus. Doing a scan make sure that there is no malware on your computer and malware is not the cause of it your problem too.

To add on, hotmail does not misbehave itself something is causing the problem, that means your problem is not totally solve since it you can log in a few hours later. Something must be causing this and second you should not be rude to other members like Rik. Rik have been with daniweb for a long time and you should listen to his advice. Start in a new thread. i am helping you because i am tired of reminding posters to start in a new thread and not revive dead thread.

The politics in this website are ridiculous. If you do not want members to respond to old threads, say that on the home page when you create an account. People respond to old threads as currently as they like and if Rik is rude Rike gets rude!

You were the one that was rude, not me! I can be rude if you want me to be though!!

New posts have been split into a new thread. usedtoworkhere, please don't resurrect an existing thread unless you have relevant information which adds to the discussion. "Me too" posts are better served with a new thread to avoid confusion in the case of similar but unrelated issues.

I'll also ask that you at least try to be respectful to the people who are kindly volunteering their free time in replying to your questions. If it gets out of hand, you could easily be in violation of Daniweb's rules.

Finally, since your problem solved itself, I'll also mark this thread as solved.

I dont ever face this problem with hotmail, Gmail now a days creating some problems like this