I have been without a computer for about a month now because my computer will only boot-up halfway before getting an error message about a missing DLL file.. MSVCRT.DLL

I have attempted many fixes including renaming the file, extracting it from a CAB file etc... nothing is working. I get the same error message, even in SAFE MODE.

There ARE MSVCRT.DLL files on the PC, but for some strange reason Windows will not fire up. Unfortunately... I have no Win98 disk.

It has been suggested that I get a BOOT-UP disk....

What exactly will that BOOT-UP disk accomplish for me. Will my PC start up like before if I put the disk in the floppy drive? Also... how will it assist me in fixing this problem?

Thanks in advance


PS: I haven't been able to get ahold of the disk because the PC I use here at the library cannot download files... I have to get on a waiting list to use a special PC used for downloading files.

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if you can get a copy of Mandrake Move, or any bootable linux operating systen, then you could download those files online & go thru mnt/windows and place those files in c:\windows. That would work.

Or if you can still get online in safe mode then do a web search & download them to C:\windows it would fix it. You could also download them from another computer & tranfer them via disk.

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