Hi all :)

I figured out the other problem but now I need more help :'(
I need to rename a disc and it needs a title which is 16 characters, long, but I am not allowed that many. And for long complicated reasons, it has to have this name. However, I have a disc of a proper retail game which has a name with the same length as what I want to input. Furthermore, even if I try to label the disc "ASDF", it says that I need to give admin rights for that action, so I click yes. Then it tells me that I don't have permission :| I am the only user, and (to the best of my knowledge), I have full admin rights.
HELP?! :|

Many thankies :)

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I know this may be an obvious answer but I have had trouble occasionally trying to either delete or rewrite disk labels and the very old fashioned (yes I know!) attribute of 'read only' has been set and so it won't work. it is also true that maybe the acceptance of 'dos' only type names is turned on and hence the restriction on length.
Hope it helps

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