I've skimmed though the "must have downloads" and their is A LOT in there. I have a not so small problem that is mostly due to my fire and forget habit.

I have a 80G hard-drive and now over year or so neglect I'm trying to clean it out ( I know i should just f-disk it and reinstall XP but thought a move and mini storage i lost my disk) when i go to add/remove hardware the # of used space doesn't add up to what i really have one of the programs i found from this site is CCleaner and that did salvage about 10 gig's (mostly internet catch ((yey free online games)))
I'm still "missing" around 20 gigs of space any help/programs to sniff out whats hogging up my drive (more then likely i have a bunch of exe files but i cant find them O.o ) though there might be other duplicate and/or install files

Thank you in advance .

hi,in case the lost storage is programs,i don't know of any software that knows what programs you want to keep and don't want to keep.you could start with turning off and then back on the [restart computer]system restore .as for your term .exe's every program on your computer has a.exe to run the program
as for must have downloads that sounds like a folder you created yourself,only you know if you want to get rid of them Me i would burn that one to disk and delete it from the hdd for the space.
check out ATF cleaner also

I downloaded WinDirStat and found my old download file i had stuck away (about 8gig's of install files and junk) but still seem to have a ghost partition or something on my hardrive >< maybe some one can lead me out of the deep dark unknown abyss that has become my hard-drive.

Here is the stats i have my HD is 74.5 Gig of that 41.6GB is being used and 26.5G is free. so how does 41.6+26.5=74.5 O.o so any guess on what hapend to the 6.4 missing HD space my hd is old but dosnt have any bad sectors on it i know i should just f'disk my drive but since i said b4 i cant find my xp cd i wont fdisk till i get a op cd (hopefully my brother will lend me his ) till then any tips?