Hi All

For 3 years I have had to put up with an internet connect that cuts out from time to time. Before I throw everything out of the window, just wondered whether anyone out there might know how to resolve this ongoing problem. Here is the senario:

All the computers run on a wireless network with Sky acting as ISP.

I have two desktop computers running on XP.
One laptop running on XP
One laptop running on Vista
Two laptops running on Windows 7 64 bit.

All the laptops are Sony Vaio

The two desktops connect to the internet without any problems and rarely, if at all cut out but the laptops are, well driving me nuts! They seem to cut out randomly from the internet without rime or reason leaving the only option to reboot. Once rebooted, they can run for an hour, a day or maybe even a week or so & then bang they go again (not all at the same time).

Occasionally, one of the laptops and sometimes the desktops will declare an ip conflict. The other thing I have noticed is that it seems to happen more on the laptop that is running with XP.

When the disconnect, I often run the cmd prompt and ping bbc.co.uk. It returns four pings confirming that the laptop is connected to the net but the web browser will not load.

Before anyone replies let me tell you what I have already checked.

1. Yes I have checked the plugs, the router, the four lights on the router.
2. I have tried changing the browser from IE 8 to Firefox, Safari & Opera.
3. I have reset the router but did not help.
4. I have tried allocating individual IP addresses to each machine but that didn't help.

Apart from the last one, these are all questions asked by Sky technical support. I don't mind checking these but when I have done this over 30 times it becomes a bit tedious, hope you understand.

Anyway, if there are any super techies out there who might be able to point me in the right direction, it would really make me extremely happy.



4. I have tried allocating individual IP addresses to each machine but that didn't help.

Do you mean that you turned DHCP off? If so, did you turn it off on just the router or on all the computers too?

Need to be sure as it sounds like an IP error of some sort.

Check event viewer on the machines that disconnect to see if that gives any clues. Google "how to use event viewer" if you need instructions!