Microsoft will not boot, Safe Mode does not work either. Below are the error messages that I get. Please I'm not a technical computer person, so a detailed set of step-by-step instructions of how to fix this, is greatly appreciated. I run AVG software nightly around midnight, but the computer was off this morning, which was odd. So i started the HP DELL Dimension and it froze at start up. I manually shut it off. When I restarted, a blue screen came up;

"CAN'T OPEN WINDOWS COULD BE DAMAGED DUE TO RECENT SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE INSTALLED" also got a msg something about unaccountable boot volume. If problem continues, disable new s/w or hardware. Disable BIOS, such as CACHING or SHADOWING.

I have not installed any new s/w or hardware.

It gave me instructions to reboot and start in SAFE MODE (F8)
Tried that, but it won't start in SAFE MODE EITHER

These error codes came up : XXXSTOP.. 1X000000ED, 0X89EE030,0XC0000006, 0X00000000, OX000000000

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

-Enter your BIOS (usually F2,F8, or F12)
-Go to boot options and select CD\DVD rom
-Insert your Windows CD
-Restart and Hit a button when your computer reads ("Press any key to boot from the CD")
-Go to Repair in the options Windows menu

**If this doesnt work you might be looking at reformatting.

-Go to Repair in the options Windows menu

hi, my link will actually tell you what commands to type in ,ty

I tried your suggestions, but ultimately I had to call Dell. Luckily I'm on the third warranty year period and after about 2 hours of trying/testing, they figured out that my hard disk is broken. Memory works fine, so they are sending me a replacement hard disk.

Luckily I backup my computer every week, so I only lost about a week's worth of data.

The Dell Technician did mention to me that I would better served by using a one package type software like McAfee for anti-virus, anti-spy ware. I had been running AVG (free version) nightly along with spybot weekly.

What do you suggest ? I have no problem spending the money if it's worth to have my peace of my mind.

Thanks again to everyone !