Im trying to install Windows XP Pro onto my old laptop which is currently running Linux Mint. Shortly after i insert the CD it tell me that:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer."

I did't replace the HDD or move it; I didn't do anything to the HDD besides move some files onto a back up external HDD.
Could this be a virus on the Linux OS preventing the HDD being recognised? Or is it more likely a human related problem. It can't be the disk as I used it to install Windows XP Pro onto my Macbook Pro using bootcamp.

What do you all think?

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Is the drive a SATA? if so, you will need a SATA driver when windows says "install 3rd party driver" during the setup process.

yes its some time happened you go to disk manager and configure your disk. it will help you out.

try to restart your laptop go to bios then change the ACHI mode if your hdd is SATA TO IDE mode ....

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