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I have a Windows XP Pro machine with Outlook Express 6 on it.

I want to transfer it (Account settings, Contacts, Calendar, Messages) to:

a Windows 7 Pro machine with Microsoft Office 2007 on it.

I do not want to use the Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail. I want to use the Outlook 2007. I am not sure what to save from the XP/Outlook Express machine, and I am not sure what format the Outlook 2007 will import. I really appreciate any solid help on this.

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As far as I know, outlook express only let you export/save adress book, and not account settings, calender and such.

Outlook, on the other hand, let you import all the stuff you ask for.

But, because you are on different machines, I can see this is not going to happen, so I suggest:

Export your outlook express addressbook to a portable disk.flashdrive.
Connect the portable drive or flashdrive to your outlook machine, and import.

Set up account settings in outlook manually.

I know it sounds like the long way, but this is what I can think of know,

other solution is to temporarily remove the hard disk and put it into the second machine and then ask outlook to import.
Equally though the exporting to an external drive or memstick shoudl work as Outlook is OK on importing.

to continue, an other way is to network the two machines simply using a CROSSOVER ethernet cable and then import.

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