We have an COM Class (ActiveX exe) VB6 program that is in the Registry dozens if not hundreds of times to basically the same paths. 1. Our development compile output path and 2. the true target path in c:\Program Files (x86) where it should be. (There are many for each)

I do not know how it got in the registry so many times.

When we setup the program we do have the option to issue
C:\Program Files (x86)\path\TransMonitor.exe /UNREGSERVER
C:\Program Files (x86)\path\TransMonitor.exe /REGSERVER

What is causing so many to be registered?
So how do we get it so it doesn't register new ones?
How do we remove them quickly, safely and easily?

Even tried REGSVR32 /U C:\Program Files (x86)\path\TransMonitor.exe

The program does get invoked properly.

Ideas anyone???

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I was gold of a solution elsewhere. They said it was that the binary compatibility had to be checked so it would read the previous exe and use the Guid otherwise it gets another Guid and creates a new entry.

If is hard to tell if this setting works or not since there are dozens of entries there now.

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