Hi all,

I have a very serious problem with Norton AntiVirus 2005.

According to the Norton Website it is to do with my Creative Audigy sound card. It is to do with a piece of software that came with that that starts up when windows starts(I thinks it's the volume control). I have tried both Nortons manual fix and automatic fix several times, this fixes it for a few days but then stops working again. By stops working I mean it shows a red cross of the Norton logo in my task bar and when you hoover over it, it states that 'Norton Antivirus Auto-protect is disabled'. You can then right click on it and turn it off, but this doesn't normally work. You can then open the program and it will sometimes decide to turn back on. But it then normally goes off within the next half an hour.

I have also reinstalled Norton 2 times with no luck and I definately have the up to date version.

Please can somebody tell me what to do. I would also be interested to know if anybody else has had this problem.

I am quite annoyed as you may be able to tell because I have payed for a years subscription and it has so far not worked a whole day yet!

Please help me!!!!

I'm assuming that you have contacted Symantec by either e-mail or phone to get where you are now, and not just using their knowledge base. If you haven't told them what's happening, do so. Their techs will try to help you. For e-mail support (its FREE), go to: http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/contact.html

I'm also assuming that when you removed and reinstalled the NAV software, you followed Symantec's procedures to the letter. A simple add/remove program does not always remove registery entries and if this is so, Symantec will have detailed instruction on how to do that.

When you next experience the problem, go directly to the device manager (through the control panel under systems) and see if you have any problem icons showing on the sound card. If you do, expand the menu down to the card listing and you should see some sort of error message telling you what's wrong. Follow their instructions. If this shows nothing, then my next recommendation would be to remove and reinstall your Creative Sound software, but before you do that, check with their web site to see if there are any updates which you can download.

OK, I have done the first two things you recommended, but installing creative software can be extremely frustrating so I am not sure about doing that just yet. But I will check for problem on the soundcard in the control panel next time it happens. I will also call Symantecs, rather than email them, as emailing got me no response apart from an automatic one.

Thanks for your help