I've seen/used online photo to cartoon generators/converters, however I want to know if more powerful tools are available to install instead on Windows XP/7?

Also any 3D tools available to create 3D characters(not letters but 3D models) for images?

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No problem! If it works for you, mark this thread as solved.

Am leaving this topic open in case get some more apps from others, will close it at the end of this week :cool:


Crazytalk is a really simple program that caters more to the non professional, it's just for having a laugh with.
I love it hehe.
Not sure how much they charge for it nowadays but I imagine it is even better than when I got it a couple or three years back.
You select a photo, lines up points like eyes and mouth etc then feed it an audio track and it will animate the photo to the audio. You get some really hilarious results!
You can get it here from http://www.reallusion.com/crazytalk/

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