I'm having problem transferring my mails in my second account from Outlook Express to Mozilla Thunderbird. I already transfer all my mails in my primary account and it's so easy (Import options of Mozilla Thunderbird). But I can't find or I don't know how to import my mails from my secondary account.

I also go to the Mozilla Thunderbird folder. using %appdata% in Run command. And it seems that Outlook mail data type is differs from the Mozilla Thunderbird.

Please help me..
Thanks in advance.
Jovy (Philippines)

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it is worth exploring the actual files (outlook express I think keeps the emails in files with a dbx format ie (inbox.dbx etc) You may be able to either import these directly or to get a intermediate program (outlook would be one) that can convert.

Hello. Just to close this issue and help everybody who had the same issue as mine. I already solved my problem on my own. I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) that Mozilla Thunderbird will only import the first account that you created in your Outlook Express. So if you have 3 or more accounts in your Outlook Express. You have no choice but to go with my solution. LOL!

First thing to do is to back up your Outlook Express files.

1. In your Outlook Express. Go to Tools > Options
2. Click on Maintenance Tab.
3. Click on the Store Folder button
4. Copy the links then paste it in Run command of Windows.
5. Copy all the .dbx files and paste it on your flash drive or CD.
We're ok on your OE6 files. Now we need to back up your Address Book.
1. In your Address Book. Click File Menu > Click Export > Address Book.
2. Save it on your flash drive or CD.

Now we will going to delete the first created account in your Outlook and already in your Mozilla Thunderbird.
Remember: Only retain 1 account in your Outlook Express. As I said Mozilla Thunderbird will do the job of importing all your settings, files and address book into your Thunderbird Account.

In your Mozilla Thunderbird. Go to Tools Menu > Import Everything from your Outlook Express. Just follow the wizard.

Learn How to organize your Folders. You can add folder if you want or delete folders that you don't need.

If you want to import your another account from Outlook Express. Just delete the account that is already in your Thunderbird. And create your next account to import.

Did you get the Logic??? If yes! Then we're done. If not you can email your questions or comments to: <snip>.

Thank you!!

hi, If you are using mozilla thunderbird(eml) then you can convert bulk emails from DBX to EMl in just $69 only otherwise you can download our demo to review our software.

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