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Hi new here, came accross this place looking for the answer to my problem:

I have msn messenger, i use it regularly, if i have new mail - it pops up saying so and i click on it to try and access the mail but page goes blank! same if i try and log into hotmail from the site! please help! whats wrong!?! it cant be a virus or spyware i do regular checks with my protection software. HELP PLEASE!

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What version of MSN are you using? Might need to upgrade the messenger.

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The newest one, dunno what version that is, 7.0? Anyways another thing i forgot to mention is that i can get onto my hotmail on anyother computer and also the same happens when i click on 'my space' button.

7.5 + updates. is the Newest version of MSN Messenger.

Try going to then try to log in directly to your email.
This should work if not. You may have a Spyware problem. A small one.

You might also just have too many temp and temporary Internet Files.
Open your browswer Click:

Tools --> Internet Options --> Delete Cookies --> Delete Files / select "delete all offline content --> try to connect again after everything is finished.

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hey i found the answer from another similar thread!

I tried about all the fixes I could find in a number of threads, but none helped (register softsub, delete cookies, hotmail login fixer). Then I changed the security level of my browser, by adding to the trusted sites. This works for me!

This worked for me! Thank you for trying to help me out so fast i appreciate it! thanks!

In that case you need to go ahead and down your computer security just a little bit. To the setting that says Medium.

at your Internet properties --> privacy -> medium.... --> ok

This will make it so that you still have an acceptable amount of security but you will also be able to access most similiar sites with out any problem. ;)

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