Hi new here, came accross this place looking for the answer to my problem:

I have msn messenger, i use it regularly, if i have new mail - it pops up saying so and i click on it to try and access the mail but page goes blank! same if i try and log into hotmail from the site! please help! whats wrong!?! it cant be a virus or spyware i do regular checks with my protection software. HELP PLEASE!

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The newest one, dunno what version that is, 7.0? Anyways another thing i forgot to mention is that i can get onto my hotmail on anyother computer and also the same happens when i click on 'my space' button.


7.5 + updates. is the Newest version of MSN Messenger.

Try going to http://hotmail.com then try to log in directly to your email.
This should work if not. You may have a Spyware problem. A small one.

You might also just have too many temp and temporary Internet Files.
Open your browswer Click:

Tools --> Internet Options --> Delete Cookies --> Delete Files / select "delete all offline content --> try to connect again after everything is finished.


hey i found the answer from another similar thread!

I tried about all the fixes I could find in a number of threads, but none helped (register softsub, delete cookies, hotmail login fixer). Then I changed the security level of my browser, by adding http://www.hotmail.msn.com to the trusted sites. This works for me!

This worked for me! Thank you for trying to help me out so fast i appreciate it! thanks!


In that case you need to go ahead and down your computer security just a little bit. To the setting that says Medium.

at your Internet properties --> privacy -> medium.... --> ok

This will make it so that you still have an acceptable amount of security but you will also be able to access most similiar sites with out any problem. ;)

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