my disk drive to my computer(Dell Demention desktop) wont open when i push the button and the activity light doesnt come on either...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...


my disk drive to my computer(Dell Demention desktop) wont open when i push the button

You mean that the computer doesnt start when you push the start button ... and there's nothing to see on the monitor ????

no...when i push the button to open the disk drive it doesnt open...the monitor and computer both come on but the thing where i put the cd's in doesnt open...i have checked the connections but that didnt seem to make a difference..??

the thing where i put the cd's in doesnt open...

You mean the cd rom drive??

yes...the cd rom doesnt open...what should i do?

Have you checked the power cable going to the cd rom ?? does the light of the cd rom blink or it lights up ??

If your problem is that the tray for your CD won't open, look just below the tray for vey small hole (usually about an inch from either corner), if you insert something like a paper clip in there you should be able push against a release bar, then gently pull the tray out. Now as to what the problem could be anything from a gear or a belt not working to a bad cable connection or a dead player. Then kids?

well i tried putting a paper clip in the hole but it didnt respond...the light doesnt come on seems like its just dead..i checked the connections and everything seems to be fine..i really dont know what to do...and no..i dont have any kids..thank you for the suggestion tho...if u have any others let me know plz..

Hey Chels126...if you found the hole just below tray you need to push the straightened paper clip in until it meets resistance, gently push against this and it should release the tray. The tray won't slide out as it does when it's under power, you will have to use something to gently pry the tray open enough to pull it open with your fingers. The bad new is it sounds like you drive has gone south, if there isn't anything in the tray that you need to retrieve...forget it, there are some good deals out there, here's one:

well thanx for the help.. if there isnt anything else i can do to fix it then i think i will just call dell and tell them to fix it because its still under waranty...i was just hoping that i might be able to fix it on my own...but thanx for taking the time to try and help me anywayz..

If it's under warranty let them take care of it, after all they're the ones who used the cheap peripheral components so that they could sell you this computer at a competitive price and still laugh all the way to the bank.