Greetings everyone

i make a website with some php files on my computer i use Xampp as my apache server

what i want to know is how can i access this web site that i make from other machines located in my LAN

for example my ipad or my laptop

i'm running windows 7 ultimate edition

please help this is critical and i need it to test my project

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yep! determine your computer's ip address by going to the command prompt and typing ipconfig ... you'll get an ip or ipv4 address... and then enter that address into the address bar of the other devices' browser. like magic.

here's something to blow your mind... all websites are exactly like that. just ip addresses. DNS resolves names like to numbers like so you can type yahoo's ip address (they have many, just pick one) into your address bar and it'll take you there. now, you can't get to 192.168.1.x unless you're on your own home network... to access it from outside requires some massaging. but that's pretty simple too.

I have done the same, But the browser says request time out. I have also checked that whether the ports are listening or not by netstat -ntlp. Port 80 is enabled.
Any Suggestion

have you set the xammp server to be online.. that way it can be accessed on the LAN

hmm id start by just trying to get to port 80... using something like nmap to see if it can tell it's up. Then try to justuse the default example page xampp includes (they do include one, right?) The error might lie in where you placed the pup files in your file system.

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