About a month ago I bought a brand new HP Pavilion DV7. Everything was working great until this week. It started slowing down, freezing for a couple of seconds, being slow when starting and as I was browsing the web today, Windows suddenly shut down to a point where a black screen was showing only. Normally I'd hold down the power button to shut it down but this time it only took one quick press and the PC immediately shut down. I powered it up, it loaded up but VERY slowly. I was at the Windows startup screen for about 1 minute. After I logged in I took forever to load my desktop and at one point it just froze. I force shut down by holding the power button and started it up again in Safe Mode. It only went as far as the screen where it shows how it loads a bunch of files and it stopped at my antivirus (AVG) file. Nothing more. So I force shut it down again. Started it up like normal and this time it didn't even go past the windows start up screen. It stayed there loading for like 1 minute and then for a fraction of a second a blue screen comes up and the computer restarts. So I shut it down again and started it up (yeah, I was stupid for doing it multiple times but hey, too late now). This time it doesn't even boot up. The screen stays black, like the first time that the issue happened, and one press of the power button and it switches off. Not holding it, just one press. I gave it to the local pc repair shop and the guy said that probably the processor is burned up. Now, I'm thinking he's just trying to get my money because the lap top is 1 month old, and ever since I bought it has been on a cooling pad. It never heated up to the point where it's hot so I highly doubt it's that. I'm thinking a virus caused all that because I had a few alerts the past couple of days about some viruses but the antivirus was unable to clean them up.

I'm only worried that this cannot be fixed because even if I use the HP Recovery CD, it wouldn't start for the simple reason that the computer doesn't boot all the way to there.

Any suggestions?


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Any suggestions?

Hi Stan,

Sounds like you've got yourself quite a mess....

-- I'd definitely see what options the vendor would give you regarding return/exchange /repair for a computer so new.

Also, you can try this:
Create the Ubuntu Live CD as per the instructions in the link.
See if your compy will boot it (choose the Try Ubuntu option).
If it boots, that alone will answer a few questions.

Let us know how you fare - I'll be back Thursday evening EST.

Cheers :)

certainly check out the guarantee, but you might also as it is newish try a factory reset. on many portables there is a small hole somewhere , where you can insert a paperclip end pressing a microswitch which restores it to factory settings.

Thake the thing back and demand a refund. HP DV series laptops are notoriously unreliable, check out the complaints section on the HP website for proof of this.
I am a professional computer engineer and we get more HP DV series laptops in for major repair than any other type of laptop. They are really poorly designed and built!

Have you tried to use the last known good configuration - Press F8 when the pc is booting up. Also have you tried to do a windows repair.( i am assuming you have windows 7) if non of those work. then try the restore option with the cd. that will fix the hard drive and restore every thing back to factory default(this option will cause you to lose data). if that still does not work bring it back you still have warranty.

I am a computer tech and own my own shop I have had several HP DV7 in my shop with the same problem. the symptoms that you are describing have to do with over heating problem but it is not a bad CPU, it has to do with the GPU (graphic card). I do this kind of repair several times a week especially on HP laptop starting from the DV2000 model. the reason is the way the cooling system is inside the system that does allow enough airflow to go through the heat sink when it gets clogged. the system inside get so hot that it meld the solder connections on the GPU when the system cools down the joints get ring cracks or cold solder on the BGA, now the video chip does not have a connection to the board and that is why you do not see a display. cooling pad only give airflow to the bottom of your laptop but if their is no airflow going threw the system itself it will get hot. I would suggest you send it back in for a warranty repair and if you are a smoker don't let them know as it may void your warranty and I am serious about that.

Heat plays a part but the main reason HP's have the problem is due to them putting glue all the way around the GPU. It traps the air under the chip which makes for a poor solder joint to begin with. I reflow the GPU's and it gets the machine running again without the need to buy a new mobo with exactly the same manufacturing fault on it!

. I reflow the GPU's and it gets the machine running again without the need to buy a new mobo with exactly the same manufacturing fault on it!

Just out of interest how big is your return ratio on reflows? I work in the computer workshop, basically around 70% of the laptops we had reflowed by external company comes back with the same issue after 2 to 3 months, just wonder if they are doing bad job or this is to be expected? thx

So far, only 2 have come back with the fault re-occuring. I haven't heard anything from the rest of the customers so I am hoping no news is good news!

Don't worry i think your laptop is under warranty so just brought it there and tell them what happened they can help you more....

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