I have received a comprehensive report from above, and I would like to have it interpreted by some generous soul!
Not sure how to forward the information, but would appreciate any help that is available.

what are you curious about? i've used it... what questions do you have? it's similar to msinfo32, as i recall...

if you're just curious in general as to what all of that stuff *is*... you might want to take a couple weeks and a book on computer hardware, and learn about it.

Yeah, just generally curious.
Just wondering if it highlights anything serious,
as machine is getting old.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Appreciate having your comments.

No, unfortunately it doesn't tell you of problems... it just gives you information about your hardware. Not diagnostics, just stuff like brand and model.

I understand it better now.
Thanks for your help.
Will close the thread now.