Hi, I want to make my Outlook 2003 startup when I logon, look for new messages and then minimize itself to the tray bar. I know that the startup part can be done in a number of ways, the most simple would be to place a shortcut in the Autostart folder, but how do I make Outlook minimize itself when it starts up? Is there any startup command that I can run to make it run as I want?

Thanks a lot =)

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you can add short cut to outlook in Auto start folder, but there is no option to auto minimize it..you have to minimize manually..or just try "windows key+D" for minimize..


Ok, thanks anyway. I'll just add a shortcut to the quickstart bar. After all it doesn't take THAT much time to start up Outlook and search for mails... =)


I came for an answer, and it is me who answers, haha, I didn't know how to autostart outlook 2003, now, thanks to you I know.

Now, well if you place a shortcut in the autostart folder, then, as long as it is a shortcut, you can right click it and choose properties, there you will find a tab named shortcut, there you find a run: type which is by default in normal window mode, you just change it to start minimized, and that's all, enjoy.

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