Plz help me friends,i made a mistake by going this site
"" & downloaded the file of soup,it was
"internationalsoupbook.pdf.exe"..i first suspect the file due to its format,but by
mistake i double clicked it,it ran in the background, it ran like a dos window program & then file disappeared.After that my all web browser closes as soon as i open
them(specially IE every times),IE also opens few sites like these automatically due to
this program or virus.
These are the sites which IE opens automatically

This files also corrupted my mp3 & video files like when i run mp3 files it randomly
gives a forward speed in b\w then continues,so in that way miss few words of it.
I had avast antivrus when i downloaded it n ran,but was not updated.I now updated the
antivirus,now it wont let me open the site("word of books")itself(it says malicious &
blocks it).I think this file is not a virus but a script which runs in background can
anyone plz help me with this issue n tell something about the coding of file or a
suggestion etc.(and i dont want to format my computer due to this small file which has
disappeared now)

Its better for you to reinstall your browser. And if you will still face the same problem then i would suggest you to reinstall your win. This is the only solution in my mind.

Try using other web browser and do a virus scan