For over 3 weeks now,everytime I try to click a link that will open a new window,my pc freezes.I have to end up going into task manager to close it.I've done all kinds of scans for virus & spyware. This is the 7th website I've been to looking for help. It seems that nobody knows how I can fix this. Please,can anyone help me? :cry: I'm using a windows xp.

It seems that nobody knows how I can fix this.

I guess that's me.

Your problem could be caused by any number of factors. First, how old is your computer? Have you defragged your hard drive? Have you scanned your hard drive for errors?

Have you tried restore?

Download memtest86, onto a floppy, boot your computer with the floppy and let it test your memory for a couple hours. Mem86:

If you open your box, make sure you unplug the power cord from the power supply, and touch the metal on the case, to discharge any static in your body. Now, check to be sure your memory sticks are inserted correctly. If you have more than one memory stick, remove one, and start your computer to see if the problem disappears, if not, try just the other stick.

If you do open your box, look closely at the capacitors (metal barrel looking things on the motherboard) in there, and see if any are bulging, or leaking. The capacitors should be flat on their tops, if you see any signs of a bulging top, then you have bad capacitors.

Let's try these remedies first, and see what happens and tell us more about your computer.

I have gotten a exclamation point in my tast bar that will say that I'm low on virtual memory & that it's being fixed.My pc is a HP pavilion vx74 & it's about 10 months old.My ISP is SBC Yahoo.I am very pc impared.I don't have a floppy disk at the moment.I'd most likely electricute myself trying. Is there something else to try until I get it?

As long as you have the power cord disconnected, then you won't be electrocuted. This is the second problem, I saw today, where the individual had SBC Yahoo, I wonder if that is the problem? Do you know how much RAM you have installed in your computer? You can also burn that memtest86 to a CD, and boot from the CD.

Also, go to IE/Tools Menu/Internet Options/ and under temporary Internet files, select delete files, and check the box for offline content when the window pops up.

Have you downloaded all your window updates? You might try this IE fix program:

Try this too. Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools Menu > Internet Options. Here, click "Advanced" tab. Here uncheck the option "Enable third party browser extensions". Click "Apply" and "OK". Restart Internet Explorer, and check whether the problem persists or not.