Trying to assist my sister and her kiddos from ridding them of the archaic AOL to Verizon DSL. have encountered a problem from the onset. Verizon DLS i assume needs IE to launch from. IE is not working in their computer. I get a blank page and it says something to the effect that page cannot be accessed. Is there any basic places to look to see if IE can be enabled. They are using XP home SP2. DSL all set to go except I cannot connect. This is the first time I actually ever laid hands on this computer but I remember they could not use IE earlier this year. Any assist would be appreciated. I am a bit lost..... :sad:

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You probably already did this, but..First, go to tools menu/internet options/Connection tab/click on LAN settings button, then click on auto detect LAN settings on next window, then click ok
Also, clear any dial up accounts.

If you already have done the above, then try unplugging the power, from the modem, for about a minute, and then plug it back in, to reset the modem.

If still no success, try this: Click on the tools menu, in IE, select internet options, select connections tab, then click on the setup button, click next, select connect to internet (top selection), then next, now you want to select manual setup (middle selection), click next, now select either one of the two bottom selections, click finish.

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