Hello, New Friends!

I'm new here. What a marvelous world you all have here! Thank you for this fantastic resource! I am honored to be part of your community! /me tips my halo to all. 0:-)

I need help getting my desktop shortcuts to work again. I've got the latest version of Firefox, which I have even reinstalled, but my desktop shortcuts won't open. (I am not exactly sure when this problem first occurred.)

I run anti-virus and spyware software regularly, neither of which have detected anything. Also ran CWShredder. Nothing.

In WinXP, I went into Control Panel>Folder Options>Advanced and changed the "Internet Shortcuts" extensions to point all to firefox.exe [in Program Files>Mozilla Firefox folder] but to no avail.

Sure, I can copy/paste the URLs into Firefox manually, but that's a pain and it irritates me when I cannot solve something so seemingly simple. LOL :-|

All you smart geeks out there - please advise! Thank you in advance!!!

All the Best!

- Ångelvoice 0:-)

all my local desktop shortcut icons work fine.
its the ones for urls that wont work. i get a popup that gives the url and says " application not found"... nothing else. i noticed this problem
immediatly after installing firefox. i uninstalled
firefox but the problem remains. i know almost nothing about computers. please help!!!!!!

Hi..I need u all help...please.....Internet shortcut that I save can open but the image in there not appear...but word can appear....why?

I am unable to open the desktop shortcuts, the internet explorer and when I try to open anything in the start up it goes to browse. I have tried to resolve the problem with highjackthis, but this only got rid of some of the poroblems. Can you help me in this matter. Thank you.

This is a common virus infection, I think you will need to reinstall your Windows after you scan the whole hard drive

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