Hi All,

My boss has given his old laptop since he has the new one.
His old laptop is connected to the network in the cloud (I forgot what is the name), such as mobileme in apple. So, whenever we are logging off, the data is synchronized back to the network.

My boss has erased all of his private data in this old laptop.
Yet, when I logged off, it seems that this old laptop is trying to synchronize all the offline files back to the network.
(as described in http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/mobility/learnmore/offlinefiles.mspx).

But since the private data that is needed to be synchronized is no longer resides in this computer, what is happening in the network data?

Will the server erase the files? I hope not, because they might be my boss only backup.

Or if the network cannot find the specific files in the computer (such as the files from desktop\offline files\a.jpg), then it is not updating any files in the network? I hope it is the case, so my boss's file is still exist.


also to add some info. There is no windows prompt that ask me to allow the network to delete some files. So all I see.. just the synchronization takes place, then it says "succeeded". But, I forgot how many files has been synchronized.