My computer won't let me on to Windows XP for shit. Everytime it boots up it goes to that black screen with the options (Boot in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Network Prompting; etc) and nothing will work. So I go into the BIOS and set the CDROM to boot up first, that way I can load the Windows XP CD I have in the drive, but it says "Boot CD:" then pauses for a couple seconds and just goes to that same screen. Any ideas? I've been checking google but can't find anything

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FYI, we don't like foul language on this site. Use it and you won't get much help.

Try going to Select your operating system from the left side bar. When on the next page, use the search engine to find instructions pertaining to your problems.

I'm also assuming from your initial post that you cannot successfully boot in the safe mode either.

When Boot CD comes on the screen ... press enter multiple times until it boots from CD. Its the way my pc boots from CD Rom.

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