Recent changes, installed a new video card and some RAM a couple days ago.

Today I wake up start browsin the web some then all of a sudden all the print on my computer changes to really wierd jargon so I restart the computer. Now it won't start up all the way, gets to the windows XP screen then restarts over and over and over. Have to manually shut it down. Please help.

See if you can start it in safe mode & try to do a virus scan. Don't know what else to suggest.

Safe mode wouldn't boot either. I think it may be a faulty power supply. Took awhile to get it running again and everytime it won't start its something new. Today nothing was going to my monitor. Finally landed a couple expertly placed "taps" and it started fine. Then while just sitting there running the mouse cursor goes all digital wacko on me and what sounds like a small vibrating noise comes from the computer. I give the power supply a gentle tap and the whole screen goes kaput. Couple restarts nothing, tap on the power supply a ouplce times starts up fine. Leading me to believe maybe putting that new video card and extra ram may have pushed my 2 year 350w power supply over the edge.

Is there any program I can download that can test my power supply out? Due to the computer being 2 years old a newer, faster one is looking better everyday.

Thanks for any help.

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