I got a system restore virus. Went to restart computer in safemode so i can scan but my computer does not boot and goes continiously around in circles. There is no system restore points and sytem repair doesnt work.

I used knoppix and can find my files. i arranged to get a friends external hard drive, however when i went on my computer today the screen is all mumble jumble and can read whats on the screen. I attach a picture of my screen at the bios set up and the start up repair screen. it did this a few weeks ago but i managed to get in to safe mode before and restor computer to earlier date

This screwed up screen even happens when i use knoppix. I have tried cleaning out the computer by clearing dust. Taking out graphics card and putting it back in.

Please someone help me. I need my computer. I just really want to get the pics i have on the hard drive and then i can restore to factory settings

Please can someone help

i cant say for sure , but i had this kind of experience when i had problem with my processor. it could be some boot sector virus too .. anyways did you have exactly same problem last time when you restored the system ??

The screen yeah. I came home from uni one week and switched on the computer and it did this. I managed to get on the desktop and restore the computer back a few days and it went back to normal.

Then i was on computer yesterday and then the computer started saying problem with hard drive, i was sure it was a virus though as it put something on the task bar and had one of those fake scanning browsers. Switched the comp off so i could start in safe mode and then the computer just wouldint boot up after the bios setting. I managed to use knoppix last night but today the screen is doing this. Knoppix loads up but it is unusable.

Try using puppy linux to boot and find that virus.

have you checked the video data cable to see whether it is defective

Hi Paul,
have you tried another graphics card yet? Scattered BIOS screen points to defective graphics card...