Hey all,

I just did a fresh install of 7 on my pc and I'm having a couple of issues:

1) my ethernet port it not recognizing the dsl line running into it. What I have done thus far is uninstall the sis-900 ethernet adapater from device manager. Installed fresh drivers from the microsoft software catalogue and still nothing. There are no flashing lights on the port either. I have though managed to get the pc hooked up to the net by isntalling a wireless usb adapter, and I have done all of the necessary update from microsoft. I wouldn't normally care about DSL when I have wlan, but the reason this is bothering me is because I also have Ubuntu 10.10 installed alongside of it. Ubuntu is not picking up either the wireless adapter or the ethernet port.

2) The graphics are alright, but I would like to take full benefits of the graphics card I have. I installe the drivers for the ATI HD Radeon 46XX (I believe) running through the AGP port. Once I isntall the drivers, windows aero will work fine, but the minimize, restore and close buttons at the top right become all "scrambled" looking. Again I tried windows update and had no success.

Any ideas? I posted these issues in the same thread becuase for some reason I have a feeling that they are related in some sense and that once I have the solution to one, I would have the solution to the other.

Thanks for any help, let me know if you need anymore info!


Have you tried forcing windows updates?

As in going into windows update and pressing "check for updates"? Then yes

What about updating drivers via device manager?

I uninstalled both and manually installed drivers

You will have to go to your motherboard manufacturers website for the ethernet driver and the ATI website for your graphics driver then.

Would it be best to do a reinstall of win7?