Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. I have a computer that is used for a specialized applicationand runs Windows 2000 Professional. The Video Card Failed (AGP) and I installed a PCI card. So far so good! When I boot up I am unable to get to the desktop, unable to get the the control panel to install the proper drivers for this card. The display has a default low resolution and is grainy and does not display everything on the screen. Tried to reboot in safe mode and no difference except the screen is black in the center. Still displays start button but everything is locked down and not even visable. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

sound to me like the pci is is defective ,is it used or new

The card is OK. It seems that the geniuses that set up this computer did not want anyone meddling with anything on it and locked out virtually every function except the software that it is intended to run. I cannot get to the command prompt, control panel etc. The start menu just has "install printer driver" so they were kind enough to leave this unlocked. I pulled the hard drive and want to know if there is a way to unlock group policies and later relock. Is there a file that I can delete/disable? I am trying to load the driver files directly on the hard drive and hope I will be able to search on the drive for them or they will be found automatically. Not sure which directory to put them in. I guess if i just put a couple in the root directory they will be found?

no info on disabling polices , but as for drivers i would also drop them in the c:\windows \system folder ,and driver folder if one exist also look for c:\windows\ inf folder drop them there also