Hi I have a new HP G62-b24eo laptop that I just started using this Friday, and I get several bsod every day. What comes up on the screen is "IRQL Driver not less or equal" and further down "tcpip.sys." I'm trying to find out if this is a problem that can be fixed as soon as possible so I can decide whether to return the laptop or not, have until March 1. Would really appreciate any help. I'm submitting the memory dump files //Anna

IRQ problems on new computers can be caused by a faulty install of the OS, or they mass copy the OS install onto the HD and used the wrong one. Return it, it's new and should work out of the box.

That is bad news coming from a reputable vendor. If you like you can use the HP CD/DVD to format and reinstall Window. If the problem still persist than return it to HP.

I agree that it can be a bad installation of the OS, but it can also be an error in the hardware.

I think you should return it, and get a new laptop.

A clean install of Windows without all of the HP bloatware should fix this issue. To solve this issue without doing that try this:

Completely uninstall PC Tools
Completely uninstall Threatwire Anti Virus
*Restart PC*
Install Microsoft Security Essentials (A pretty decent AV for free!!)
Now, if the problem has disappeared, then GREAT!

Reset your TCP/IP stack ------>

To do this, open up an elevated 'cmd' and run this command: (w/o quotes) "netsh winsock reset all"

*restart PC*

Download the latest drivers for your Ethernet card and Wireless card. (I would save them somewhere)

Uninstall your ethernet card as well as wireless within device manager.
(check the box to delete the files as well if it prompts). So long as you have the latest drivers installed onto your machine and saved somewhere.
*restart PC*

Hope that helps...

That is bad news coming from a reputable vendor

Hmmmm, I wouldn't call HP that personally. A heck of a lot of their DV series laptops have serious manufacturing flaws in them that are repairable but HP charge several hundered to replace the motherboard with another one with the very same flaw. I know that they can be repaired as I have personally repaired 11 with a %100 success rate!

If it's a brand new laptop and you've done nothing significant to it.
Back up any stored data and return it under warranty.
However I would suggest first uninstalling any software you have put on it
just to be sure that it's not a conflict with something you put in.
without more details I'd say it's indicative of a driver conflict, is there any specific file mentioned on the bsod?

Hey all thanks for the advice. I left the laptop at a service check-up but they could find no fault with it (I thought that would happen.)I got it back today and I'm going to try and reinstall it tomorrow as best I can. According to a support forum this is an example of the kind of errors that came up during a bugcheck:

Built by: 7600.16617.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Debug session time: Tue Feb 8 15:07:37.074 2011 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:11:33.603
BugCheck D1, {1c, 2, 1, fffff88001a7b3ba}
Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip!TcpBeginTcbSend+32a )
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xD1_tcpip!TcpBeginTcbSend+32a
Bugcheck code 000000D1
Arguments 00000000`0000001c 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000001 fffff880`01a7b3ba

So can "vista driver fault" be caused by a lot of different things or anything specific, and if so would that be hard to fix on my own? I'm going to follow the instructions by poster jRADD and see if that helps, just want to try every possibility to make sure I do it as right as I can from the start.