i run windows xp, and Mobile Intel(R) 945RM express chipset family

and am using vga cable to lcd tv

ive looked on how to do this and most show that in display settings just select second option

but when i go to display setting i dont have option for second one just like in attached pic
i thought that it doesnt support but looking up on the drive ive seen it does support

also when i plug in my other monitor my computer said that it didnt pass the window logo testing, but i clicked continue installing anyways, idk if affects if possible to attach another monitor

hoping someone can tell if possible and how i can do

thanks alot

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Try hooking your tv up and having it powered on when you boot up Windows XP. Depending on the control software it may need to see it as the driver is loaded for you to be able to access it.


Hello, intel chipset, it is integrated video with just 1 VGA exit. You need to buy a video card that supports dual monitor so you can clone or expand your desktop. A videocard for simply doing that will not be so expensive. Good Luck.

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