Can anyone tell me ?How should i install google talk for windows 7.Kindly let me know
the idea .any help would be highly appreciated.any download link for gtalk for os .will
be highly appreciated.

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why even after installation .it is not connected .Kindly see the attachment .
any help would be highly appreciated .

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There are many reasons for this problem. It could be due to your antivirus software blocking Gtalk. Unblock it from the software and then see if that works. It could also be due to some problem with the your setup, may be it is not for Windows 7, that is you have installed the version which is not compatible with Windows 7. In either of the case, run Gtalk in compatibility mode.


Even i got the same problem some months back.

It is due to your internet connection settings in gtalk.

Click settings in gtalk and check connection option.
Make sure that Detect proxy automatically is checked

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