hello sir,
i have extracted some image file from a .exe file
i get all the image but problem is that it's not clear.
some patches are there on the image.
in the programm the images are clear but not in the extracted one.
i have tried 3 softwares to extract the image file.same in all of them.
i dont know what to do?
is there any encrypted data there?
How can get all the jpg files clear..?
PLEASE help someone.
reply me on [email removed]

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The file is 139 mb large.
If someone Want to solve and needed the file then i will upload the file...

Please tell us
What software is this EXE from?

How are you extracting?

It is the exe converter software that might have affected your image, causing loss of pixels. You could not do anything to reconvert the image file back to normal. Its the only source of the file sender who can do something with the file.

i have used universal extractor and multi extractor.
file name is vbdl.exe
error occured for both the files.

What does the vbdl.exe belong to?

When I look up the file, it says Spyware/Virus?

Can you give more details.

It's a file which is utilised by an OCR.
Its not virus but i know its unstable and can be affected by viruses easily.
vbdl.exe contain the images which i have to convert with other ocr programm instead of the one given to me.
i have been given NT SOFT
i want to use abbyy to convert the file as it has more accuracy than nt.

It is not a virus.But it can be easily affected by viruses.It is unstable.

Can't be sure whether it is a virus. Do a scan with malwarebytes first. If you extract other jpeg files from other exe.file, is it clear? If they are clear something must be wrong with the file and only the sender can change it. What software are you using to view to jpeg files? Have you try using foxit reader and open the files?

Thanks for trying jingda.
yes i have used foxit reader to open.
this vbdl only contains 172 jpeg files

So is your problem solved? Is the jpeg file clear?

vbdl.exe always have issue with extracting jpg files back to normal because of the max compression put upon those files to save space but normally jpg files won't do any significant free space after compression is done.

Can you give me the link for the vbdl.exe and all the extractor you try to used? I want to confirm it was vbdl.exe fault, not the extractor itself...

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