i need help about it. because i confused with many not compatible hardware and software for this time. i think to easy for comeback to using XP after install win 7. NOT.
When i using XP cd in my cdrom, XP process installing not continued until load to partition and formating harddisk, with displaying BSOD.

what can i do???

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If the system BSOD's then there is a hardware problem of some sort. So knowing what the hardware is is vital!

Plus, if it's a modern laptop supplied with Windows 7, there may not be any XP drivers available for it!

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when you experience BSOD during installation process possible error is the HDD not detected in the middle of the process, second the RAM, try to check that hardware....


As far as the downgrade goes, I have done a lot of Vista back to XP, but not that many Windows 7 to XP. As @Rik from RCE and @benmar point out, this looks like a hardware issue. Also, I agree with @Rik from RCE about the drivers. Here's a suggestion for you to start the hardware investigation.

I hope you will forgive me for what I'm about to say considering which forum I'm on.:) Try a live Linux distribution. Put it in the drive and boot from it. It doesn't install anything on your hard drive. It won't even mount it. And you can check if the rest of the hardware is functional.


Since there is really no valid upgrade path from windows XP to win 7 then it's also logical to assume that it also works vice-versa. Downgrading to Windows XP from win7 will require you to do a clean install of XP wiping out all of the contents of the HDD. The only problem is that if the machine you're using came with win7 then most probably you won't find drivers for Win XP. I have encountered similar issues working as a tech support for Toshiba where customers wanted to downgrade from Vista to XP and there are no available drivers for the hardware.

In addition, if your HDD is SATA then you might have problems installing win XP on it. You will need RAID drivers to be able to do it.

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Should be easy, especially if you don't care about the existing contents on the HD.

Make sure your BIOS is set to boot to your CD-ROM drive first.

If you're getting an error about the drive not being found, you probably need to load SATA drivers, as XP is too old

to support them without first installing the driver during the CD-text mode installation process.

Download the correct SATA chipset-type driver (typically from Intel) onto a floppy. When the machine starts booting

up into text-based Windows setup, you'll see a message at the bottom to press F6 to install a 3rd party driver. Do

so and later on you select the SATA driver for your PC, which it'll read from the floppy. Then your HD should be

recognized. Again, if you don't care about the existing contents, just do a quick format of the HD and avoid dealing

with renamed folders, etc.

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