1. Define Production system?
2. What are the different components of AI? Discuss.
3. What are the steps required to solve a particular problem in AI?
4. A problem solving search can proceed either forward or backward. What factors determine the choice of direction for particular problem?
5. Represent the following using Predicate logic:
a. Apples are food
b. The spouse of every married person in the club is also in the club.
6. What is Conflict Resolution?
7. What is Artificial Intelligence? Discuss the various areas AI can be used?
8. Discuss in detail the various knowldege representation schemes.
9. Define Knowledge representation and their types.
10. Discuss the applications of AI.

1. Explain CYC Algorithm.
2. What is conceptual Dependency?
3. What is a script ? Also discuss the components of a script with the help of example.
4. Write a note on weak slot and filler structures.
5. Explain Breadth First and Depth First research with the help of example. Also discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
6. write a note on following
a. natural language processing
b. syntactic processing
c. semantic analysis
d. pragmatic processing

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