So I had an issue with our windows 2000 server and took it off the network. Won't get into that right now. I ended up just setting up a workgroup for the time being until something can be done about the server. Three computers running windows 7 were pulled from the domain and put on the workgroup with no difference to the user profile. The desktop and all local data stayed the same. But for the 4th computer when it left the domain and restarted it had a new local profile and has a new desktop with all the data from the domain profile gone. My question: is it possible to either get a copy of the data from the domain profile, which I don't see under user accounts and can't switch to it as a different user, or to do a system restore to before leaving the domain then copy the data? The biggest issue is the loss of the pst file and a few files on the desktop that were not backed up recently. Is there anything I can do to get that data?

I managed to get someone to help me find the user account data. I can at least copy all the data. Thanks reading it anyway.

If anyone else ever has this problem you can find the data under the C drive and located under the "Users" folder. And sometimes you have to activate the Hidden Administrator under the command prompt with "Net user administrator /active:yes" and to turn off "Net user administrator /active:no" to be able to see all the users. Hope it helps.