Hi all,

When i log into my Administrator account it only has a black screen and the cursor. I have tried Repairing it and Restoring to a previous time, but neither have worked. I can get it to work in safe mode but thats it.

Please help, i need it to be back to working ASAP as i use it to monitor all the computers on my network.


Does 'Last Known Good Configuration' work?

I would first boot to safe mode, and run "chkdsk /f /r /x" to see if there are any errors in the file system. (might require a reboot here)

If that doesn't help, then next step would be to boot to safe mode, create a new user account with admin rights, and then log in to that new account.

If that is working, then I would copy all documents, favorites, and desktop links/files to the new account from the old one - and run a complete malware scan.

If it isn't working, I would go back to safe mode, and uninstall all recently updated drivers. (and try to log in again, and so forth)

You are referring to Vista or W7.
Having a similar issue with Vista Home premium 32 bit also & have a thread about it with a booting issue on a Compaq Presario F700 laptop. Does the smae thing at boot with the cursor flashing.