Hello DaniWeb Family !
I have an Emachine Netbook, EM250, 1GB RAM...Windos XP Home.
This may be the wrong place to put this thread so let me know if we need to move it.
I let my niece borrow the net book for a day. Bad BAD BAD !
The computer works fine except the screen has to be in a certain position for me to be able to view whats on it. If the screen is straight up and down, it won't work, I get just a whitish/greyish glow. If ya tilt the screen back and inch or two, it's fine and works fine.
I checked the driver and it looked fine. I even tried to update it and I guess I already have the best driver on my machine.
The netbook has been taken apart once to glue in the power box thing , where ya plug the power cord into. The box had broke loose and is now glued in place.
Any idea on how to fix the screen issue ?
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated !

Take it apart and look for damage! It seems most likely that a bit of solder between the circuit board and the cable receiver cracked, so that it doesn't make a connection when the cable is at a certain angle. It may also be a wire in the cable is crimped or damaged. Then, of course, it could be be where the wire connects to the LCD panel. All of these could be repaired with a low-wattage soldering iron. The real trick is finding the culprit.
If it's not visible, perhaps a multimeter will expose the fault.

Plan on spending a few hours on this project, and a fair amount of patience. You will probably also want a working computer with internet in case you need to look something up.

Took it apart again. Found some mashed wires at the left leg of the screen lid. Ordered another cable setup from Ebay. Will install it this weekend. Thanks for the reply !!!!

I replaced the wire-harness in the lid/screen and now the screen works perfect !
Thanks to hithirdwavedust for the reply !